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Reno/Tahoe Area: The Reno-Tahoe area hosts a diverse set of activities and events. Popular late summer activities includes Hot August Nights Classic Car Show, Reno Hot Air Balloon Races, Street Vibrations Motorcycle Rally, Reno Air Show and Races, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Burning Man Art Festival, Best in the West Rib Cook Off and many more! Come try your hand in the casino game rooms, climb the world’s largest outdoor man-made climbing wall, catch a baseball or soccer game, take a self-guided art and mural tour or a float down the Truckee River! For more information about the area and upcoming events visit

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Lake Tahoe Activities & Events: If you choose to stay closer to the Conference, nothing beats September at Lake Tahoe! There are endless activities and places to explore! Lake Tahoe activities include relaxing and swimming at the lake, hiking or biking alpine and paved trails, boat rentals, parasailing and many more! Get your heart rate up on Heavenly Mountain’s mountain coaster and zip lines, or tee up at the acclaimed Edgewood golf course, known for its Celebrity Tournament. We promise you won’t regret it! To find out more about events and activities in the Tahoe area visit

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Rural Nevada Excursions: For those who want to get a feel of real Nevada culture and lifestyle, we hope you take the time to head out through the backroads of Nevada. Nevada is largely public lands, full of ghost towns, hot springs, ranges and playas just waiting to be explored. Many regions in the state are hosts to iconic events like local rodeos, cowboy poetry and other festive celebrations unique to each community. Take a trip down the extra-terrestrial highway, step back in time via the pony express trail on the loneliest highway in America, visit the Paiute Tribal and Native American cultural center at beautiful Lake Pyramid or find your own ghost town and soak in Nevada’s Wild West history. Learn more at https://travelnevada. com/ and


Historic Virginia City

Virginia City is home to many interpretive museums and sites, including the Silver Terrace Cemetery, the Fourth Ward School Museum, the Pioneer Cemetery, the Fireman’s Museum, the Way It Was Museum, Piper’s Opera House, the Police Officer’s Museum, St. Mary’s Art Center, and numerous exhibits in businesses throughout town. Virginia City also hosts many unique and authentic event celebrations including cook-offs, parades, and Civil War re-enactments. Wikipedia

Nevada State Museum in Carson City

The Nevada State Museum in Carson City is one of seven Nevada State Museums operated by the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs. The primary building of the Museum is the former Carson City Mint. The basement of the museum contains an extensive and realistic mock underground mine. Wikipedia

10 Interesting Lake Tahoe Facts

  1. Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States (1645 feet). The Empire State Building could fit in the Lake at its deepest point.
  2. Tahoe has enough water to cover the entire state of California in 14 ½ inches of water.
  3. It’s the 6th largest lake in the U.S. by volume, ranking only behind the Great Lakes.
  4. Roughly two-thirds of Lake Tahoe is in California. The other third is in Nevada.
  5. Tahoe is thought to be at least 2 million years old, making it one of the oldest lakes in the world.
  6. At 6,225 feet above sea level, Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America.
  7. The beautiful scenery around the lake has made it a popular place to film movies. Godfather II, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1975, was set in Tahoe… though the movie didn’t do much to promote the Lake’s boating and fishing scene.
  8. The area is home to a number of recreational opportunities, including the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail that allows brave hikers to travel around the entirety of the Lake. The area is also a popular skiing destination in the winter months and has over a dozen camping areas available in the summer.
  9. Lake Tahoe’s water is notoriously cold, with temperatures barely getting above 70 degrees in the summer months and dropping below 40 degrees during the winter. Because of its depth, the lake never freezes over.
  10. 65% of the water in Lake Tahoe comes from rain and snow melt runoff from 63 tributaries in the 312 square-mile watershed. The remaining 35% falls as precipitation directly on the lake. Normally, 212 billion gallons of water enter the lake this way each year. In a typical year, spring runoff causes Lake Tahoe to rise 15 inches, assuming the outlet gates are closed.

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